Update From World Summit 2012! Woo!!!!

Hey guys, Just dropping in for a short one form LAS VEGAS RSD world Summit 2012


Pictures speak a lot louder than words.. so ill leave you with a couple of the images from the summit! I’m off to Bulgaria for holidays tonight where I’ll be continually updating you with the action and adventures form the Professional grade Holidays!











Stay Tuned for the full Attraction Video next week, its about 2 hours and involves a bit more publishing work than a regular video!

And stay tuned to www.facebook.com/alexanderrsd for daily holiday updates!


From Las Vegas with love.

  • chris

    looks and sounds like awesome times

    • David

      Great shots!

      Will you be available for a Sydney bootcamp anytime in in between now and february? Please? :)


  • Max

    Photos are awesome!


    Teach me master
    I wonder what did you say to lickher tits and take a picture LOL

  • Chinaboy~

    Time to repeat this madness in Bulgaria and Finland! :)

  • Slater

    Great photos mate. Another awesome World Summit. Already missing Vegas! Look forward to seeing you back in Oz!

  • BKW

    Now I want some titties!

    Lol awesome shots guys!

  • useless chode who sucks at game

    hahahaha in the last picture the blonde headed dude, i met him at philly free tour. i cant wait to hear all about it next time we go romp

  • introverted chode who sucks at taking action and brings you down

    the one with the brightest hair in the middle.

    alex you are the shit. i want to do bootcamp with you and jeffy at the same time.

  • wafflesandsex

    Can’t wait to see and read about the aftermath from Bulgaria!

    I’m also dying to see the 2011.5 vid asap.

    Have a good one in Europe, I know you will

  • redman

    Haha…. Awesome

  • Achilles~

    is summit on next year? caz im going. fuk i miss vegas timez.

  • Craig

    Haha that’s some good nipple action!

  • Ludvig

    You´re coming to Finland? Awesome. Tell us on facebook when it happens so we´ll know to come to Onnela then ;)

    Btw that video was shot in Trump right? I swear I was in the same room last year..

  • Dr. Deluxe

    RSD World Summit: fantastic, random, chaos, drink fest, dance until you drop, no sleep, watch sunrise, fun-in-the-sun, hook-ups, make-outs, sex in the casinos/ club bathrooms/ ice rooms/ hotels/ anywhere you want, law breaking, bellagio jumping, flamingo chasing, diamond buying, fat tuesday/ beer/ vodka drinking HELL OF A GOOD TIME!!!!!!!!!

    Highly recommend it annually

  • Detourxl~

    looks awesome fun. Love the pics with the tits.

  • http://www.nathandating.com Nathan

    Wow dude! Just watched your bootcamp intro video! Youre video editing skill are AWESOME. Great work. Have fun in Eurotour 2012 with the crew

  • reinhold

    Wow, Tyler looks like he’s having so much fun, just as it should be. Good stuff.

  • SlowLearner

    When exactly are you gonna be in Gothenburg? Write it on your facebook so we know :)

  • http://kennyspuathoughts.wordpress.com/ Socialkenny

    I thought this year’s summit was held in London? I might be mistake with the 21 Convention.

    Anyway man,cool photos. Those girls got titties flashing like there’s no tomorrow.

  • http://www.highschool-game.net NorwegianDJ

    Of these pictures, the one that leaves me speechless is the one with all the main men of RSD getting together around the table and enjoying the evening together. I really just aspire so much to become like you guys one day.
    Respect Alex, I’ll see you someday!

  • David Elliot Rothblatt

    Hello Alexander:

    I attended your free tour this evening in Manhattan and you were amazing!!

    I have seen you on You Tube over the past several months and I was impressed..

    Seeing you live at a seminar took everything to a whole new level for me!!

    I have seen a lot of so called pick up artist coaches online and offline over the past year or so and you very simply blow them all out of the water!!

    Keep doing what you are doing because it works..

    Thank you so much..

    David Elliot Rothblatt
    Long Island, New York

  • bruce

    Hey dude come play this game zSilencer with me!

  • http://seductionsextravel.com Sebastian

    Looks like you had a lot of fun there!
    Especially when sucking the tits of beautiful ladies ;-)