• Achillies~

    Its insane how important the semantics are. There is no reason why I am not enough vs I am enough was a HUGE turning point for me. Videos are great. Really getting lots out of them. Always struggled with “be unapologetic” but when u said it as ” you don’t need to be sorry for what you do” instantly understood it and internalized it.

    Off to the bra h to further burn these deep in my brain.

    Great work
    Thanks mate!

  • Chinaboy~

    Hahaha, got this realisation you mentioned a few weeks ago.

    She has to have sex with someone, it might as well be me.

  • Acoustic-moot

    Lovin this whole journey! Such a rewarding feeling! fuck yeah…each article brings me to a deeper understanding so cheers mate…

  • redman

    Sweet man… This blog has to be by far the best resource going around for natural game. In the past 6 months the quality has just become insane. It is great to have all this information available and online for everyone to use, learn and to refresh their memories.

  • Jon

    You are SUCH a poor writer.

    Sloppy writing reflects sloppy thinking.

  • Dan

    BOOM! love it

  • Silvers

    I still struggle with the being unapologetic part at times, but seem to have really internalized the ‘there is no reason why I am not enough’ over the last 6 months and it’s brought me massive improvements. Great ideas!

  • Boo Boo

    Awesome..cant wait to take an Alex~ bootcamp..getting this part of my life together and i have most faith in your teachings!!

  • Trent~

    Hey mate dropping by to pay my respects. Still remember the my Sydey bootcamp from last year. Absolutely lifechanging! Awesome articale btw…peace out bro

  • Jeffy

    Nice article faggot…Mwhaha

  • Sean

    having gone through the process over the last 5 years, and adopting the ‘there is no reason why you’re not enough” mindset it’s really an afterthought now, and really about being in the company of awesome friends having awesome adventures as opposed to frantically searching for the next place to put my willy.. relax get roots..
    Cheers Alex.

  • Craig~

    “There’s no reason why you’re not enough” = all you need.

    Loving this blog, both your new and older writings are gold. Keep em coming mate!

    Perth and Sydney sound sweet, I’m keen to hit them up in the near future.


  • Ken

    Oh man, the ‘be unapologetic’ is still a stumbling block for me.. cheers for the reminder, it’s definitely something I’m working on.

  • Chris

    unapologetic was huge for me. always sorry for what i do. fuck that. why should i be. i have no bad intentions. thanks mate!

  • http://kennyspuathoughts.wordpress.com/ Socialkenny

    Dud,I love what yall are doing,but this emphasis on “Natural” Game is so fucking overblown and overrated that it’s not even funny.

    Apart from that,it’s all good I guess.

  • Tom

    Dude, this has had more impact on me than all the other material that RSD has put out. PLEASE, release the other mindsets in a video.

  • Gerald

    Just shy of 3 weeks I have been myself reiterating these phrases to myself and It really gets me “unthinking” and relaxed.
    Your stuff is GOLD Alex!


  • Moey

    It’s really good how u talked about learning this stuff and learning it quickly. So many ideas and articles r getting peddled out that there is no time to internalize anything and take on those behaviors at such a deep level. But thinking about them a lot at the beginning is absolutely critical. Also the counter point on ‘just go out’ and ‘don’t think’ is useless if ur not building a solid foundation with ideas like what u talked about here

  • Slater

    Great post Alex. Mindset dictates behaviors. I like the idea of thinking about an idea, let it germinate and then put it aside. Understanding these insights at face value never works, it needs to be combined with field experience as you say. As you get more reference experiences, you start to better understand what it really means to say “I am enough”. Combine with this actual components of your life (like when you had a good day, killed it at work, pumped some iron etc.) it really starts to click!

  • Dave

    Hey all, I took Alex’s boot camp a couple of years ago and I can confirm that this methodology works. It really does transform your actions from the inside out to the point it becomes completely natural. I know now I always had it I just had to rediscover it. I dated different girls but ended up finding one I really wanted to be with. I met her whilst trying to help a good mate approach girls at the shopping centre ( funny huh!! ) . Thanks for all you taught me Alex, great stuff.