The Golden Rule of Natural Game; Immaculate state, Rites of Passage and the Nimbus.

The golden rule of natural game is: “whatever you feel, she feels.”

Welcome to the natural game article that is the basis of everything you do in your socio-emotional life. It is important to note the golden rule of natural game is at the root of everything in natural game and not a tactic that you can ‘deploy or implement’.

The golden rule of natural game is deeper than that. It’s not a move or a routine, it a deep core phenomenon that will govern whether anything you say will ‘work’. The golden rule is the ultimate and defining factor behind whether or not you ‘get the girl’. A = HV + E, If you feel good you are attractive because you offer good emotions. This come when you re alignment with your natural self with is inherently high value.

As a result of hundreds of internal and external emotional stimuli you have gone through the word experiencing many different emotional feelings. Most of the time these confuse and overwhelm you causing you to feel horrible and ‘out of control’. These feelings steadily erode your happiness in life. This includes eroding your success in the game, your social life and with women.

When I refer to “whatever you feel” I mean the emotional feeling you experience during the interaction combined with the thoughts that influence your emotional state. Basically, how you feel and what you think.

Broken down even further, “whatever you feel” is the sensation your body and unconscious is exposing your conscious to and what your reticular activation system (you conscious attention) is focused on.

Two separate things that will be individually examined, but both are intricately and unavoidably linked. If you don’t take responsibility for feel your body and conscious mind can overpower you and control how you feel. Or you can implement will power and take responsibility for how you want to feel.

When I refer to “she feels” in reference to “whatever you feel” I mean what emotional state you influence the girl with and the impression that you consciously make on her. Simply, how you make her feel and what conclusion she will form about you.

Some of the variables that govern what you feel are the following: State, frame, ego, self esteem, your biology, your current physical status, your expectations of yourself, your perception of others’ expectations of you, your relative comfort zone, your contextual comfort zone and many others.

All of these things are different perspectives of the same object that is your state of emotion. A lot of people from different schools of thought come at this from different angles. Until you look at all the variables collectively you will fail to see the bigger picture and examine state incorrectly. It is imperative to understand that all these elements are intertwined and to examine one element is to examine all elements.

For example, your state can dictate your self esteem, while in a different circumstance your expectations of yourself can bruise or inflate your ego. I will look at many ‘how you feel’ variables individually before building up to a bigger holistic picture. Once we have that established we can then begin to understand the influence it has on you and the viral influence it will have on others around you.

But the focus question is how does this help you get girls? As mentioned in most of my other articles if you feel good the girl will feel good. The primary goal in everyone’s life is to have a good feeling while simultaneously avoiding bad feelings. You want to perpetually feel good. If you can be a perpetual source of good feelings to girls while simultaneously inspiring a ‘fear of loss’ you are going to be extremely naturally attractive. This is pure and non-manipulative attraction.

You want to get into a headspace where you CAN’T HAVE BAD FEELINGS. that way the golden rule of natural game states that you CAN’T NOT be attractive. This is the goal of immaculate inner game. This is not to be confused with a false and forced good feeling which is as transparent as glass.If you constantly feel good all the other skills and mindsets relevant to natural game will fall into place for you. The golden rule of natural game is that important.

Achieve a perpetual good feeling and you will become extremely attractive to more girls than you can even handle.

The golden rule of natural game starts on a biological level; gender polarity.

Feeling good is essentially a biological and chemical state governed by your body’s hormones. This is a natural process which plays a significant role in natural game. With good hormones you feel good and with bad hormones you feel bad.

A good feeling is like walking through the world with ease without a care in the world and even a natural euphoria. A bad feeling is the sick feeling you get in your chest and abdomen when you lose state, get dumped or feel down. The feelings you experience is a result of the processes of your viscera.

The viscera is the name given to your internal organs that are part of the innervated network that is your peripheral nervous system. When you get the feeling of heartbreak you get an acute ‘heart sinking’ feeling while on the other hand when you feel euphoric you experience an ‘I’m flying’ feeling. While many factors play a part in defining your state, it’s your brain that dictates the majority of the feelings you experience in your viscera controlled by nerve impulses.

You brain regulates the hormones that are released in your body triggering the feelings that you have. The hormones that are released are a result of your thought process. Your thoughts process is a product of your mindset. Your mindset is your understanding or perception of the world. For most people their mindset is socially conditioned.

When you are unnaturally socially conditioned your mindset will give you a negative self perception and negative world views. This perception will generate massive amounts of negative thought processes. These thought processes will catalyse hormones that give you negative feelings in your viscera. You feel bad about yourself and you feel unhappy. If you feel unhappy the girl will feel unhappy and she will not be attracted to you.

But if you have a natural, non socially conditioned mindset you will have positive feelings. Positive feelings are your default natural state. Positivity, self esteem, optimism, self assurance and ‘mojo’ are all your natural mindset before they are confiscated from you by social conditioning.

A positive mindset is the origin of thoughts that catalyse hormone release that cause you to feel good all the time. Think of a little kid as an example as he runs around doing whatever he wants feeling happy.

It’s not until young children are disciplined to not be happy by social conditioning that their internal compass is forced out of alignment with their default natural happy self and pushed into the direction of social conditioning.

If your thoughts, which also give rise to your actions, are in alignment with your natural default male mindset you will always feel good. When this is the case the golden rule predicts that you will make women around you feel good. If you always feel good then you will make any girl you ever meet feel good. You are perpetually attractive and inescapably (CAN’T NOT BE) a sexworthy man.

Don’t forget that the things that give you a good feeling are acutely different from what gives women a good feeling. I’m talking purely in terms of emotional and innate good feelings. On a more complex level people can feel good temporarily when they think they are supposed to.

When you get the deeper happy feeling you feel fulfilled. Sometimes you see people who don’t seem happy, but they are satisfied with their situation in life. It is a deep happiness. When you are fulfilled it is a much more powerful feeling than happiness.

For a male example of happiness and fulfilment take the instance of a farmer. The farmer works hard for little to no wealth. He is the manager and king of his ranch, he’s always growing and planning the kingdom that is his property and assets. The buck stops with him and he’s the bearer of massive responsibility. He’s decisive, light hearted and self assured through experience.

The farmer is simple but he’s fulfilled. This is a much deeper good feeling than the socially conditioned good feelings of wealth, friends, status, fame or fortune that we’re erroneously lead to believe will fulfil us. A man is fulfilled when he has responsibility and a woman to look after.

In the case of women good feelings and fulfilment mean something completely different. Take for example the farmer’s wife. She’s not wealthy nor does she have the money for cosmetics treatments over pedicures and superficial gossip. She works in a support capacity at a far lesser output than the men around her. She diffuses conflict when there are confrontations.

A woman is only really satisfied when those around her are happy, well fed, clean and at peace. She is generous and proud to be so. She is caring and catering and looks to help others achieve success. This is female nature and the good feelings that come from that give a far deeper happiness and fulfilment than the superficially of status, money, skinniness and MySpace profiles that girls are lead to believe will give them fulfilment. A women will feel fulfilled when she is taken responsibility of, chosen by and taken care of by a worthy man.

In short, a man feels good when he is on his path, positive-dominant (woo + intent) and living in the moment. Contrastingly a woman feels good when she is whisked up in the adventure, along for the ride and living the emotional rollercoaster that is being involved with an involve-worthy man.

An involve-worthy man is one who is fulfilled and who lives in congruence with his natural masculine self. Men are motivated by the good feelings that come from adventure, building, dividing and conquering whereas women are motivated by harmony, love, family and nurturing.

Evolutionarily men and women go together perfectly. Women are designed to bring people together. The females that tamed the wild men the best would survive. The men that divided, conquered, killed and adventured more than all the others would have passed on their genes. It’s the eternal yin and yang that continues to drive natural selection to select quality genes.

[Though this sounds sexist against either men or women is not the intention, many things will make either men or women happy, but at the deepest level of fulfilment there are specific gender roles that are naturally preset. In the context of natural game I refer to the deeper evolutionarily preset emotional states. Of course in this day and age cognitive will power, drugs and psychological disorders can nullify a person’s naturally preset desires. While all men and women consciously choose to some extent what they do and don’t like, deep down all will recognise the truth in what I am saying.]

If you are in alignment with your natural masculine mindsets you will automatically behave in ways that make you feel good. Naturally, this also makes women feel good. Naturally this is very attractive.

The way a women is attracted to you and the way she gets good feelings from you can be described metaphorically by the way you are drawn to and entertained by a good movie. Attraction is a combination of high value plus a full range of emotions. If you notice a movie that you perceive presents itself well you become exited and aroused and are inspired to see it. The movie is high value because it looks quality and enticing the from the outset. These factors all stimulate good feelings.

If the plot of the movie is good and there is a range of emotions experienced by the audience as a by product of a well made movie (expression) it will be a very entertaining and arousing experience. It will even make you feel comfortable as it takes responsibility for you as you relax and watch it.

While watching a movie, you are fully aroused and experience a full emotional work out. This is the same process a woman goes through when she is becoming attracted to a man. When a woman sees a man she thinks she might like she becomes exited. Then, as she speaks with him and he doesn’t try to impress her, he just expresses himself, she gets a good emotional work out. She feels very good.

When a man takes pride in himself, has self assurance and is unstifled in doing whatever he wants to do he will perpetually feel good. He will give the women around him a massive range of emotions. He’s doing what men do while girls involved become aroused by it. This is the natural way each gender feels good.

[This is a skill called being ‘involvement worthy’. Once mastered you cannot be blown out of set. An article on this skill set is under construction and will be published on this blog soon.]

The golden rule operates on a deeper biological level; neuroanatomy.

In your mammalian brain there is an ancient subconscious evolutionary part of your brain that automatically decodes non verbal signals. Non verbal communication was the only means of communication for millions of years. This complex grey matter device allows you to communicate non-verbally with other mammals almost telepathically.

A lot of people use their cognitive brains to over think and ‘outsmart’ their otherwise accurate instinctive social intuition. Usually the cognitive brain causes people to misinterpret communication incorrectly by overanalysing it. This cognitive overanalyses causes social confusion and sends signals to the girls around you that you lack social calibration and social confidence. This gives rise to bad feelings for you and hence, the girl.

Think about the last time you had a conversation with your pet dog or cat. Even though that mammal has never spoken a word to you, you as a mammal yourself you can instinctively tell how it feels very clearly. For example you know when a dog is tired, scared exited or timid. This goes the same for people when you stop trying to overanalyse what they are saying with words and tune into the accurate natural and ancient non-verbal communication channels.

When you travel to places where people don’t speak your language you become more attractive and your game instantly goes to the next level. When interacting with people from other languages you focus more on pure natural emotional communication that is universal language amongst all humans.

With this simple non-cognitive and illogical communication good feelings are quickly aroused like the twists and turns in a good and unpredictable movie. In this natural communication the natural good feelings aren’t stifled by social conditioning which exists only when two people are speaking the language in which they were taught to be socially conditioned. That is why people love travelling and talking to exotic members of the opposite sex.

The brain uses ancient and complex structures called mirror neurones to get a reading of how the other person is feeling in order to quickly determine whether the person might pose a threat or be a source of value.

According to world renowned neuropsychiatrist Louanne Brizendine M.D, author of ‘The Female Brain’, women unconsciously use mirror neurones to literally internalise your physical state to form a sense and perception about you. This obviously was very important in an evolutionarily sense because for millions of years mammals didn’t have the convenience of spoken words and language to ask about danger.

Louanne Brizendine M.D. says that ‘women have a near telepathic ability to sense what you are thinking and feeling’. This ability evolved due to gender polarity, men being able to manipulate their surrounds with physical force while women had a limited ability to do so. If a women could sense whether she was in some kind of danger from the people around her she would have a massive evolutionary advantage and pass on her genes.

When you approach, a woman’s automatic processes kick in and the mirror neurones will cause the girl you are approaching to unconsciously mirror and internalise your body language, breathing rate, posture and in some instances muscle tension. Women literally unconsciously adopt your approaching body language in order to make an instantaneous judgement about what sort of guy you are.

A woman will be compelled to feel whatever you are feeling at the point when you approach her and even beforehand as you begin to cross the room towards her. If you are nervous you will make her feel nervous, if you are confident you will make her feel confident. When you approach a women you influence her with whatever you are feeling at that point in time.

When approaching women this automatic psychosomatic reaction has several repercussions. Firstly the girls can tell what sort of a guy you are long before you even get near them, meaning that they are sure to be attracted before you get to her if you are an attractive guy who is feeling good.

If you are a crappy guy with ego and low self esteem then that would be communicated long before you get close to the girl you are approaching. The girl will have formed and in depth emotional opinion about you before you have even opened your mouth. If you’re a bad dude at your core you don’t even stand a chance. Unless you are a master manipulator of Oscar wining magnitude.


Once you get to the girl and you begin to talk to her she is then going to be in a position where she really cannot avoid adopting your state be it good or bad. As a random stranger approaching a girl she will have all senses tuned to who you are and what you are trying to propose to her.

If you are going to approach you need to be aware of this and take the necessary responsibilities.

Simply, if you’re in a bad state you’re going to be blown out very quickly but if you’re in a good state not only will the girl want to talk to you she will want you to stick around so she can revel in the good feelings you are bringing her.

When you feel good all the time you will notice that the girl will start GAMING YOU and pursue you to continue interacting with you to get more and more good feelings from you.

State becomes reality becomes state; male and female sources of state.

Moving away from the deeper scientific level of state influence the golden rule can be understood in more conversational terminology familiar to pick up and general psychology.

On the level of natural emotions and sociology man’s source of state is different from a woman’s source of state. A man has to take responsibility for drawing state from within whereas women will be influenced from state surrounding her in her environment. Men are internally influenced whereas women are externally influenced, that is to say men are proactive and women are reactive.

In a nightclub men often stand around clasping a beer in low state. They are both stifled and looking for an external factor to pump their state that will never come. On the other hand when a girl is in a night club she is state pumped to the point of frenzy with things like music, lights, alcohol, friends, guys drama all influencing and stimulating her state. Girls go to the club because it is a source of fun and state, guys traditionally go to the club because there will be girls there.

Furthermore think of a girl’s bedroom compared to a guys bedroom. Girls get their state from their environment so they tend to keep their rooms stimulating and hygienic. This means most girl’s rooms will have posters, pictures, candles, music, trinkets, perfumes et cetera to simulate them and keep them feeling good. The reason why girls like things to be hygienic is because when things are dirty they will literally internalise a feeling of dirty. This applies to hygiene, not tidiness or messiness.

Contrastingly think of a your room as a guy. Functional, if you didn’t have anyone to impress or manage impressions of you wouldn’t really care if the room stank, was mouldy and had dirty clothes lying around. Even if you are in an unhygienic or undesirable environment it doesn’t have much influence on your state because you state is sourced internally.

Carl Jung, a famous psychologist said that perception is projection. Perception and projection are one and the same thing. This is the same as saying that feeling is influence or that influence is feeling. One and the same thing, but two different causalities.

What a man feels becomes his influence, what influences a women becomes her feeling. As you can see this underlying gender polarity phenomena is at work all the time. When you have a feeling it becomes influence, it influences the feelings of the girls around you. Whatever you feel, she feels. The golden rule of natural game cannot be escaped.

On a cognitive level this is true as well. Perception is projection. How you feel and what you think are intrinsically intertwined. In the same way that men are naturally different in terms of feelings and influence the same pattern is evident in terms of perception being reality. For men perception becomes reality and for women reality becomes perception.

People are always pinging and getting a sense of self by being labelled and seeking validation from others. A person’s reality is a result of their constructed self (ego), which is a product of their sense of self. If they think they are cool because everyone tells them they are that forms their reality. In this case reality dictates their perception. For guys their reality is forced upon them by social conditioning. So, in most cases reality (social conditioning) becomes perception (chode way of thinking about themselves).

This is true of women. Their sense of self is like a societal mirror. Society defines their value evolutionarily through their face value. At a snap decision a women is judged to have value based on her appearance. This judgement system is reality impacting on a woman’s sense of self. For socially conditioned guys and women, in an evolutionary sense, people (reality) around them force them to think a certain way about themself. People in their reality force a self perception onto themself.

For a man who is not socially conditioned, is natural and has no ego he can continually work towards whatever he wants to become. That is to say, he can set a goal of an image for himself and work towards it. The more he dedicates his mind to it, the more it self-fulfils and the more it becomes true.

What he believes of himself (his perception) becomes his reality when it accepted by the people around him. By this same token what he projects onto weaker minded beta-males and females usually become true. In their reality external sources define who they are, this includes natural alpha males dictating who and what beta males and women are. Alpha males are very influential.

So, naturally men have urges to adventure, divide, concur and take what they want. This happens because no one prevents it from happening in their default state. Their desires become reality.

When alpha males do what they want in interactions with women and beta males the women and beta males fall into their FRAME and take what the alpha male projects onto them as being true. Because of alpha males, reality becomes perception for women and beta males.

Perception (alpha male) becomes reality (what alpha male does and what he projects onto others) becomes perception (women and beta males internalise what is projected onto them by alpha males).

What this means in field is that if you take responsibility for who you want to be, and who you want to be is in alignment with your natural alpha self, people more often than not will see you how you see yourself. They form a sense of the world based on what alpha males project into the world. The way you see yourself, women and beta males will see you that way as well. It’s almost hypnotic. Whatever alpha males think, females and beta males think.

Emotionally the same casual chain is going on but on a deeper level. Your sense of self is deeply implicated in the way you feel on a moment to moment basis. If you are alpha and living in congruence with what you are as a man you will feel good. If you are beta you will be living out of alignment with what you are as a man and feel very bad. Step to a girl as a beta male and you will feel bad and make her feel bad. Approach a girl feeling good about living in alignment with your masculine alpha-male self and you will make her feel good.

Good feeling becomes reality. You influence the world with how you feel and it becomes the girl’s feeling. She feels good because you as her environment influence her state. You get the girl.

Whatever you feel, she feels.

You can achieve this really easily, you just need to take responsibility for your state and content of though. It requires will power in the same way a diet requires will power. If you don’t have the capacity to exercise will power you simply don’t deserve success with girls.

The all encompassing difference between you being an alpha male and beta male is your ability take responsibility for how you want to think about yourself and how much you are going to let your natural good emotions be compromised. If you are lazy you will live a sad and lonely life and you will feel guilty about getting girls with canned lines.

If you take responsibility you will get quality girls, you will feel you deserve quality girls and you will keep quality girls in your life.

Welcome to the real world; the Conscious implications of the golden rule in field.

It is extremely important to understand the conceptual structures, gender polarity and biological science of natural game to give you confidence in the underlying automatic processes behind what you are implementing. But what is even more important is understanding how this works on a real world level and how it is going to help you to become very good with girls.

On a conscious level there is massive amounts of useless cognitive noise occupying your headspace. This is commonly known as being ‘inside your head’. This is especially apparent if you are in a headspace where you are trying to assimilate what you are reading and learning about social dynamics with what you are actually putting into practice in field.

These conscious thinking processes are highly detrimental for your field results. I will go over the things that that will consciously cause you to feel bad and cause the girl you interact with feel bad.

Sometimes you won’t even be aware of some of the things proposed but once enlightened you will begin to recognise how the these conscious things can be detrimental and take control of them. Once aware of them you can negate them early and prevent negative thoughts and feelings. Therefore preventing yourself from transferring negative thoughts and feelings to the girl.

The most prominent and evil force occupying your conscious headspace is the old enemy the EGO. Think of your conscious space as RAM on a computer. When you are consciously trying to maintain ego by dedicating headspace to projecting a certain imagine while simultaneously dedicating headspace to managing the prevention of making a bad impression your conscious headspace is going to be massively burdened.

The conscious mind is the human part of the brain that is ‘strapped on top of’ the emotional brain. Your natural brain is an inherently attractive thing that is constantly giving you impulses to act naturally which would actually be expressive and attractive behaviour.

The conscious evolved brain interferes with the ancient natural brain. In the ancient brain there is the blueprint of how to get girls. The conscious brain second guesses the unconscious impulsive brain and causes you to act indecisively which will result in your behaving with a lack of confidence and being unattractive to girls.

This conflict continually occupies your conscious headspace acting in the same way a virus would on a computer. Instead of running smoothly and decisively which would result in confident attractive behaviour you are compromised as a result of your own internal conflict. Internal conflict makes you feel bad. If you feel bad the girl will feel bad.

This destructive self doubting process is extremely obvious in the case of ego projection and protection.

In the case of ego projection you are always worried and looking to be validated in the way you want others to see you. Instead of relaxing socially and feeling good you are always concerned, nervous and anxious as to whether or not people see you the way you want them to see you. This can give you massive internal conflict, make you feel very bad and then influence the girls you talk to with a bad feeling.

In the case of ego protection you are always concerned, anxious and nervous as to whether people might try and label you or interpret you in a way that you don’t foresee that could potentially be a bad thing. So you dedicate you headspace to taking actions that aren’t natural but actually directed towards introverting yourself, treading on eggshells and being afraid to make a bad impression. Of course if you are always suffering the internal conflict of ego protection then you will feel bad and influence the girls you talk to with a bad feeling.

On another level if you are feeling bad because of ego protection and ego projection you will be reactive and live in other people’s frames. When this is happening you don’t give the girl emotions because you are reacting to her and nor are you higher value than the girl because you are reacting to her.

Ego can only live in a person when they are in a thinking headspace. Don’t think, lose ego.

You didn’t have an ego before you began to think. Plus, if you approach a girl with an ego she can sense you are second guessing your natural self. In addition to influencing the girl with a bad feeling when you second guess your natural self then you communicate to girls that your natural self isn’t good enough.

Girls automatically think that if you need to impress an ego onto her you must be second guessing what you are as a man and she is put into the headspace that you are less of a naturally attractive man that you should be.

On the dark side of things ego can give rise to a good feeling and a strong reality. As a guy, if everyone all your life projects onto you that you are cool or attractive, if you weren’t already aware of that you will begin to identify with it. You will perpetually feel good on a shallow level because everyone always influences you with good feelings.

But, when you cold-approach you will still be looking for validation from the girl. In social circle situations a guy with a big ‘I’m cool and attractive’ ego feels great in that context. But, if a strong ego guy cold-approaches out of that context he won’t have that good feeling that he gets from his social circle and his powers of positive influence will be dashed.

Sometimes though, arrogant egotistical guys have such a strong reality as continually reinforced by those around him that he believes it so strongly himself that when he meets a new girl she can become influenced by his self perception and see him in the self aggrandised way he sees himself.

This is evident in examples of sports stars, cool kids at school, thugs and gang members. Also, it’s rare to find natural and non egotistical guys in the world so the strong reality guys often get girls by default.

Even furthermore, because egotistical guys are always in and out of relationships they seem like big players because they often burn themselves and their partners in relationships. This continued ‘playerism’ and verbal promotion of their ‘I’m a player’ ego make them seem a lot more successful with women then they actually are.

Even if a guy gets a good feeling from the strong sense of self that comes with continual reinforcement of ‘player’ or ‘cool’ ego he is a fish out of water when cold approaching. What usually happens is that he will approach the girl, seek validation and look to impress upon her that he’s ‘really cool’.

If a guy approaches seeking validation he is taking value and reacting to her, which is unattractive. He does something special to show her that he is special. When he tries to impress her by demonstrating how ‘cool’ he is he will communicate the he isn’t cool just as he is. Unattractive.

When this process happens the good feelings that the egotistical guy formerly had comes crashing down. Ego is the Achilles heel of state. What seemed so strong can be destroyed instantly when exposed to its weakness. In the case of cold approaching ego weakness is not being validated by the girl he talks to. His state will plummet, he will feel terrible and become a repulsive-black-hole influence to others around him.

In contextual cases ego can be fine as long as the context exists. Robbie Williams will always be validated by anyone who is aware of the world music stage. The Prince of England will always be validated by anyone who recognises the British Empire.

Take the world music stage away or the British Empire and Robbie Williams or Prince of England will lose their contextual value Achilles heel style. If you want to take advantage of this phenomena become a club promoter, club DJ or an internationally famous rock star. Your image will play the game for you.

Tim is brilliant from the cold approach and the coolest guy I ever met. No ego. Combine this with him being the most well known club promoter and best DJ for hundreds of miles around and you have a FUCKING POTENT combination. People project amazing things onto Tim, but he doesn’t buy into them. He maintains a natural sense of self that is naturally attractive. Tim is very happy guy and influences the girls around him with copious amounts of good feelings.

Basically ego driven conscious headspace will give rise to the ‘dirty high’ form of happiness. The ‘dirty high’ feeling is always motivated from a place of neediness and lack and can never be satisfied. Therefore it will never be as good a feeling as fulfilment. The ‘dirty high’ is on a hair trigger of susceptibility to destruction that will not only make you feel bad, but plunge you into a pit of misery. Ego fails to give the deeper feeling of fulfilment in the same way that money or fast cars don’t really fulfil a man.

Some famous pick up artists are well documented examples of the ups and down of ego driven happiness and despair. This will give rise to massive inconsistency and frustration. As your results begin to spiral downward because of your bad feelings and the influence you give to others. This process usually leads to hate of and exodus of the game.

One of the biggest consciously born good feeling killers in the game is your fear of being discovered as a guy who is using the game. Instead of walking around happy and having fun and influencing the girls you talk to with a good feeling you walk around feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

If you are using game as a band aid over a bullet wouldn’t and have no intention of self actualising and becoming a better self through self actualisation you deserve to feel embarrassed and ashamed. You will influence the girls you talk to with feeling of self disrespect and low self worth. They probably won’t even respond to you when you approach them.

Another bad-feeling inducing phenomenon that you will be conscious of, but have difficulty understanding, is cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is anxiety that occurs when what you do is out of alignment with who you are and what you believe. For example, anxiety from cognitive dissonance would occur if you said you hated your country of allegiance and wish you belonged to the population of your rival nation.

If you go into set and you say and do things that are out of alignment with what you are (your inescapable nature) and what you believe (your nurture) cognitive dissonance will make you feel flustered and anxious. Negative feelings will arise that will influence people around you with negative emotions.

In field this will happen if you use someone else’s lines as a compensation for a lack of self trust. It can also happen when talking for the purpose of impression not expression. The worst feelings of cognitive dissonance anxiety will arise when you say things deliberately to manipulate and take value. All these things make you feel bad, will influence the girl with bad feelings and make you unattractive.

Conscious manipulation and lines don’t work. in terms of being attractive to girls behaving in alignment with your natural self does work

Sometimes in set you will have approached in an unconscious headspace, acting clear headedly in the moment and operating through the mode of expression. You feel good and influence others with good feelings. But in the case of you learning the game often you find your ‘doing better’ than expected and all of a sudden think “what’s next?” This gives rise to a feeling of panic and uncertainty which will quickly be transferred to the girl.

Be in alignment with the guy you are. Be willing to block out any logical and conscious sabotaging thoughts and ride the interaction as long as it will go. It will give you a feeling of excitement and recklessness as you get further into unchartered territory. As you get more intimate with the girl you will get more exited. These feelings are transferred as well.

If you for some reason you ‘fuck up’ the interaction you will get a scar and learn something from the interaction. Metaphorically, if you live in alignment with your balls you ‘ride the skateboard all the way to the bottom of the hill’, endure thrills, impress yourself and get the girl. If you ‘fall off’ you will get a scar and learn a lesson. Remember, chicks dig scars.

Lot of guys escape their consciousness in social situations by drinking. Biologically drinking nullifies your cognitive brain and allows your emotional brain to express itself freely. Sober for most guys means impression, drunk for most guys means expression. But girls recognise that guys get drunk because they can’t access their naturally attractive self while sober. In most cases drinking will make a sad guys bad feelings far more evident. Drunk approaching is a deal breaker.

If you have a few drinks it can be an effective means for an inexperienced natural gamer to access the naturally attractive part of their brain. If you don’t drink more that the legal driving limit you will generally find the right balance. You will feel great and uninhibited and give that same feeling to the girl. Most people, especially girls, are socially conditioned to associate alcohol with fun times. On that level drinking can contribute to influencing girls with good feelings.

The real world continued; the UNCONCIOUS implications of the golden rule in field

You will be very aware of your conscious brain and often very frustrated by it. You are exposed to it loud and clear. It is the continual noise of your conscious brain that stifles your unconscious brain. Your unconscious brain holds the key to natural game. It is in your unconscious automatic brain that you find your blueprint.

Before I delve into the working of the unconscious brain and the implications it has on how you feel the most important fact pertaining to your unconscious brain is that its default state is to FEEL GOOD.

If you default state is feeling good, feeling good can revert you back to your default state as well. This is the key to accessing your natural game.

Times when you feel good is a good indicator that you are running on your natural autopilot unconscious brain, meaning you will be in alignment with your natural self. Good feeling is natural state, your natural state means good feelings. Find your natural state and you will always feel good and be perpetually attractive to girls.

Your unconscious natural state is referenced in many different ways and has many different names.

We are referring to your natural default state when we say ‘outside your head’, in state, self esteem, offering value, nimbus, core confidence, confidence, alpha male, alignment with your natural self, and elite congruence. All these things are signposts for essentially one and the same thing. All labels point toward your natural default state. In this happy, confident, alpha, congruent, self-esteem-state you feel good. Really, really good.

You will influence the girls with a really, really good feeling.

Guys with this trait are a rare and valuable entity and very quickly recognised by girls. Come into alignment with your natural state and you will find you will be more attractive than you have ever known. People will begin to treat you the same way they treat model quality girls.

Compared with the many obstacles and negative influences imposed by the conscious brain you will discover the unconscious natural brain is very simple. Simply, you don’t have to achieve a good feeling. You already have it. When you don’t have a good felling it is because the unconscious brain is overshadowed and polluted be the conscious brain.

To counteract the influences of the conscious brain and unleash the natural and good feelings that stem from an unstifled unconscious brain there are a few things that are important to internalise.

Self esteem is a natural thing and we conversationally understand self esteem to mean good feelings. To have self esteem is to be fulfilled. To have low self esteem means you are not fulfilled.

But it is an anomaly that a you can have poor self esteem but have a fleeting good feeling. This comes when you get external ego validation when you can feel good for a moment but still won’t have that deeper feeling. This could be described as a ‘band aid over a bullet wound’.

When you develop an ego it suppresses your pre-existing self esteem. This happens because you have been forced to believe you are something that you are not. When you believe that you are something that you are not you continually look for validation of what you think you are and your good feeling are fickle and sporadic. This will directly correlate with your results with women.

With ego based happiness sometimes you will get a woman onto a few dates or maybe even sleep with her but you will struggle to keep her as she will soon see your weak low self esteem core hiding behind your false PUA or chode ego.

When you move away from an ego based reality and you come into alignment with what you are you have total congruence. Once the ego is shed you are left with pure self esteem. When you have pure self esteem you are in congruence with your natural self you feel good and influence the girls around you with good feelings.

In this circumstance of elite congruence what you do is only an expression of what you are. When what you do is in total alignment with what you are then you have the rare and noble trait of INTEGRITY.

Instead of using tactics and trickery to convince women you are something that you are not you can simply go in and ‘be yourself’ knowing that is all that you need. (As you really do bring your full and unstifled natural self). This is what PUA mean when they refer to you being your ‘best self’. Instead of having to learn a law degree worth of pick up skills and tactics you can go into field and navigate situations simple-mindedly as they present themselves.

Going into field with a head full of confusing trickery and manipulation will make you feel confused, weighed down and embarrassed. If you feel weighted down, confused and embarrassed when you approach girls you will influence them with a blatantly negative-value taking feeling.

When you study Real Social Dynamics you are undergoing a process called self actualisation. In conversational language that translates to mean that you are learning about what you really are and you are learning and changing to fulfil you true potential. When you self actualise with Real Social Dynamics you are learning things and exposing yourself to experiences that will help you realise your true self. Your natural masculine self.

As opposed to walking into a bar with ‘sneaky tricks’ up your sleeve belonging to a secret sociality you walk into the bar knowing that you are more self actualised than anyone in the room, men and women included. With this comes an inherent sense of confidence and good feelings.

When you study self actualisation you engage social situations and social interaction with people feeling amazing as you know you have taken responsibility for being the best self you can be. If you are currently going out and feeling any lesser than other people that you are interacting with snap out of it. Realise that if you are reading this article you have the logical right to feel significantly more proud of yourself socially than other who have not read this article.

Once you make personal harmony with the fact that self work and responsibility entitles you to feel on top of the world you will feel extremely empowered. Furthermore, self actualisation is in congruence with what you are as a man because men are always moving forward, exploring and growing.

Approaching girls knowing that you have taken massive responsibility for yourself and are continuing to become the best self you can be will give you feeling of extreme empowerment. With great responsibility comes great power.

Approaching girls feeling empowered and resourceful will radiate an extreme self assurance and obviously a very good feeling. Girls are very attracted to guys who embrace their self actualisation because that type of guy feels extremely good about himself.

The foundation of feeling good in field is knowing who you are. Who you are is a combination of what you are and what you do. What you are is present, positive dominant and a man of action. Line these three things up and not only will you feel good, but you will experience nimbus. The epitome of naturally arising euphoric good feelings. You will influence girls with this same feeling.

To access good feelings take responsibility for getting into the moment, that is to say, becoming present. When present in the moment you don’t have a chance to think about anything else. When present you don’t have a chance to think and hesitate causing you to act attractively with conviction. Presence is a literally empty headspace where there is no self sabotaging thoughts occupying your consciousness.

How you can do this is simply talking to a lot of people, being extroverted and physically interacting with your environment. We call being interactive with your environment being ‘outside of your head’. This is because instead of thinking to yourself and self sabotaging you are continually in the moment navigating the world.

Interaction with the world will bring your focus to whatever is in front of your face. When you focus on what is in front of you – your headspace will not be occupied by negative conscious influences. When you are ‘dumb’ in a state of no thinking everything you do will become fun. If you have fun, you will influence girls with fun.

Being present also pertains to the classic ‘three second rule’. If you approach instantly there is not enough time for your mind to begin to manufacture conscious reasons why you’re not good enough or begin to make excuses as to why you shouldn’t approach. When you approach instantly you don’t feel bad, you influence the girl with good feelings and therefore are attractive to the girl.

Positive-dominance (woo +intent/assertiveness with a smile) is the core description of what it means to be a man. When you are positive, you obviously fee good. As a man you feel great when you are in a leadership position, when you have responsibility and when you are making decisions.

When you feel good you will spontaneously assume a leadership position, take responsibility and make decisions. While you’re feeling good, the woman will feel good because she likes a man who is a leader, who takes responsibility for him and her and a man who is decisive over himself and her.

Furthermore, she will like the decisive, leadership qualities because they are spontaneous, unpredictable, emotionally spiking and hence arousing. Attraction is a combination of high value plus a full range of emotions.

To round out the behavioural traits that bring you into congruence with yourself as a man you need to be a man of action. When you are moving forward as a man you feel good. Contrastingly when you regress or stagnate it can frustrate you to the point of madness. With girls you obviously feel good when you are moving things forward.

When you are ‘making a move’ or escalating. Interestingly, even though girl doesn’t always submit to your advances she will respond well to it and like you for being the man you are supposed to be. You make them feel good when you look to move things forward even if things don’t actually advance. The fact that you have the balls to take that action is emotionally arousing in and of itself.

If you make a move and the girl doesn’t and will not take part in your advances then that shouldn’t compromise your path. You want her to be involved with your path, not the path itself. With enough declined advances you will lose interest and continue on your path leaving her in your wake.

It’s usually at this point that she realises that you were a source of such good feelings and becomes motivated not to lose that source of good feelings. You not being around anymore leaves her with a bad feeling. Soon enough she will be texting you to find out what you have been doing.

When you simultaneously implement presence, positive-dominance and you take action you come fully into alignment with what you are as a guy. If you deliberately get present you will spontaneously be positive-dominant and start to take action.

When you deliberately implement positive-dominance you will spontaneously become present and start to take action. When you deliberately start to take action this is an expression of positive dominance and the fact you are interacting with the world means you will have to become momentarily responsive and hence come into presence.

When you implement one of you natural behaviour traits as a guy the other traits will automatically come into alignment as well. As stated above, when you implement any of these natural traits you feel good and as a result you make the girls feel good. Align all of your natural traits and you feel extremely good. You get the NIMBUS.

The golden rule of Natural Game; The power of the NIMBUS.

The ‘NIMBUS’ is a term coined by Jeffy to describe when you are in a primal euphoric state. When you have NIMBUS everything you touch turns to gold. If you have experienced nimbus you will know the unique and powerful feeling it brings. It is something that could be described as being ‘in the zone’ or ‘on fire’. You can do no wrong because nimbus is one and the same thing as ‘pure natural game’. NIMBUS is the holy grail to amazing success with women.

NIMBUS can be mistaken with a dirty egotistical high. The high experienced by guy with NIMBUS is a polar opposite to the high felt by ego validation. When you get a good feeling from ego validation it is because everyone else around you is giving you good feelings.

When you have NIMBUS you feel good because you have a lot of good people to influence. You are like a siphon pouring outwards ‘turning water into wine’.

As stated earlier a good feeling that is stronger than happiness is fulfilment. The more people you can influence as a man the more fulfilled you will be. This is another way of saying if you take responsibility for yourself AND for many others you feel extremely good as a man. Complimentary to this phenomena women love to be influenced by a man who has the capabilities to take responsibility for himself and many others. That would be a very high value man.

Influence many people and you feel good beyond happiness, you feel fulfilled. The more you get fulfilment by expressing your natural behavioural traits of presence, positive dominance and taking action the better you will feel. The euphoria of this good feeling is overwhelming. It becomes a drug for girls who, by nature, are influenced by whatever state they are exposed to.

If you are a better source of good feeling that any other person as a source of feeling you will be very attractive to women.

In this nimbus state at the height of your good feelings you will become mildly deluded. You will think you’re the best guy in the world, that all the girls love you and that you can do no wrong. Of course, this deluded sense of self serves to drive evolutionary natural selection. When you are in this state you are most likely to confront other guys for their girls and be with as many girls as you can.

When you have NIMBUS and are in a deluded state of mind your reticular activation system (your focus) will not even notice things that don’t please you. You will think you are the coolest guy in the world. When you perceive this you will influence girls with this feeling as well. Whatever you feel, she feels.

Two ways to achieve a good feeling if you are socially conditioned.

Remember that feeling good is your default state. To look to learn to feel good is to deny that you feel good in the first place. To find your natural good-feeling self it will not be a case of ‘building towards it’ or forcing but rather a case of letting go of your socially conditioned self and allowing your natural self to emerge.

If you’re not feeling good it is because of social conditioning and ego, social conditioning causes the ‘pretending to be a chode’ ego. To perpetually feel good you need to transcend social conditioning and the ego that comes from it. There are two ways to do this. One is with nimbus and being present. The other is via a rite of passage. See the two graphs below.

In both instances you can see that you, the blue line, are born with little anxiety. In an infantile unconscious state you don’t have the capacity to feel anxiety other than reflex anxiety. When a person has low anxiety levels they are high value, calm and therefore considered to be cool. This is taken away by social conditioning.

Throughout childhood and adolescence you are socially conditioned and forced by the world around you to think of yourself as something you are not. This is you forming the ‘pretending to be a chode ego’.

In this headspace you are constantly trying to impress a ‘cool impression’ onto the world. This means you constantly have conscious stress and anxiety. While socially conditioned you are constantly trying to defend against others impressing a bad impression onto you. This means you constantly have stress and anxiety.

Biologically you are being forced to adopt a false idea of yourself that is the polar opposite of what you actually are. You were born positive-dominant but social conditioning persuades you to adopt a negative-passive ego for yourself. This fundamental incongruence between what you are and what you do leads to constant anxiety from cognitive dissonance. Under social conditioning you constantly struggle and react emotionally to the unanswered question ‘who am I?’

As shown in the graph’s, once socially conditioned you always have higher anxiety levels then women. This means you are less cool than women, lower value and are perpetually unattractive.

Contextually if you have confidence through ego validation then in that context alone you will be cooler than the girls and attractive. Otherwise, most guys drink, so do girls. When guys drink their conscious brains become nullified, they become present and cease to second-guess themselves and become attractive.

While when women drink they begin to question themselves more and their physical desires become unstifled by the nullification of their conscious brains. Contextual confidence and drinking plays host to 90% of modern day pick-ups. Which are rare from cold approaches nonetheless.

The first way you can get a really good feeling while learning natural game is if you experiences the nimbus. Sometimes, usually with the assistance of alcohol, you might stumble onto nimbus and have a great night. On a night you have nimbus you are having fun and so present that your mind isn’t confounded by negative conscious thoughts.

On an on night you can do no wrong and you will have amazing success because you will have less anxiety than women and therefore be cooler, high value and attractive to them. But, once the night is over you will snap back into bad-feelings ego mode. In some cases you might start to form an ‘I’m a huge pimp ego’ which will lead to a massive state crash the next time you go out.

If you have enough nimbus nights you will soon become very familiar with that good feeling and it might even become a constant thing. But in most real world cases for someone who doesn’t know better a nimbus night will elicit a ‘pimp ego’. For most guys one good night is followed by about thirty bad nights and massive inconsistency.

If you do have a one night stand with girl on a night you are lucky enough to have nimbus you might have difficulty keeping her around because as you snap back to reality after the night she will realise you aren’t as much fun or ‘the guy she thought you were’. This also explains the extreme amount of phone number flakes that come from high energy night club game.

Even though you were fun there and then on the night it’s not ‘who you usually are’ because you have the reality of ‘pretending to be a chode’. When you call she expects to hear cool fun club nimbus guy, but she gets a version of you that is pretending to be a chode. You gave her good feelings in the club, you gave her bad feelings on the phone.

She will also have an intuition when she’s having fun with you in the club that you’re on a kind of TEMPORARY HIGH that is unstable and inconsistent. She had fun in the moment, but she isn’t going to waste her time with a guy who is just ‘pretending to be his natural fun self’, she wants a guy WHO IS his natural fun self .

This is the same for guys who get numbers and put girls into a good mood when they are on an ego trip. She will have fun there and then but clearly understand he is not the source of good feelings, he is just revelling the good feeling being projected onto him. Even then, girls themselves are socially conditioned to think that being with that sort of guy will make them happy.

Even though hooking up with a big ego guy will give a girl happiness it will never be as deep as fulfilment. Realise girls are in fact socially conditioned as well. Ensure the way you behave is socially calibrated and doesn’t transcend their reality and thus limit your potential to pick up.

The second way to get that really good feelings is through self actualisation. This will result in a perpetually good feeling. If you undergo identity level change, namely, a rite of passage you will get a perpetually good feeling so that you instantly and naturally influence all the girls you meet with a good feelings.

In ancient societies the rite of passage was when a boy became a man. There was a good reason for this because if they didn’t undergo this process then they would never really make the transformation, become self reliant and become a source of reliance for the women around them.

Prior to conquering the rite a passage a boy would experience anxiety over ‘who he was’ and question whether he could conquer the rite of passage or not. But, once he put himself to the test and conquered whatever the rite required he would no longer concern himself with external factors. Self reliant he wouldn’t have a care in the world. He would perpetually feel good and be instantly attractive to all women that he met. He would be enough just because he is his masculine self.

Even though rites of passage may involve vastly different things and vastly different challenge levels the rites would result in a boy seeing himself as a man and cause him to behave as one. Once this inner game is established he feels less anxiety than the women and children around him. A rite of passage graduate would see himself as higher value and influence others to see him as high value. A rite of passage graduate would have all the inner game he needs to be extremely attractive to girls all the time. It would become ‘what he is’.

The basic purpose of a rite of passage is to convert a boy, a guy who has other people take responsibility for him (socially conditioned – ego), to a man who takes total responsibility for himself free from the influences and constraints imposed by others around him (self actualised – self esteem).

A rite of passage tests your emotional limit and pushes you to the brink of your comfort zone. If you can journey to the edge of your comfort zone and return back in one piece you will know without a doubt that you can handle yourself in any situation and thus have no anxiety in life.

If you are a rite of passage graduate, when others try to impress onto that you are other than a man it won’t even register. You will have no need to try to make a special impression on people because you know what you are. You realise that simply making the impression you are a man is the best impression you could possibly make.

In this headspace you have no anxiety, you feel good and you perpetually influence girls around you with a good feeling.

This is the function (among others) of the Real Social Dynamics bootcamp.

The process of transforming from inconsistent good feelings to consistent good feelings; Identity Level Change, the rite of passage in modern times.

In modern times there is no such rite of passage that clearly transforms a boy to a man.

Basically it would involved you questioning everything you know and pushing yourself to the edge of your comfort zone. You would definitively move away from a reality where everyone takes responsibility for you and you take responsibility for yourself and your reality.

This means you need to let go of the externally formed ‘pretending to be a chode’ reality, pushing your comfort zone and rebuilding your reality as defined by you. This is shown in the graph below.

As a socially conditioned guy you would reside somewhere on the bottom right hand side of this graph and women would reside somewhere on the far right side of the graph.

You live in a reality where external forces take responsibility for who you are. You will have a strong, albeit, externally driven reality. As mentioned above this reality is false and an susceptible to unpredictable crashing when something happens that is ‘beyond your reality’. Like getting blown out. Your capacity to feel good is volatile and unstable.

In an ego based strong reality you can feel sporadically happy but not fulfilled. Where as in an ego based reality a woman can feel fulfilled and deeply happy. If you are approaching women feeling less good than they are you will never be attractive to them.

To undergo the modern day rite of passage you need to push you comfort zone and leave the reality you have always known by defying the external forces that define who you are. You need to go against social conditioning and the safe comfort zone that was your pretending to be a chode ego.

But, in doing this you leave your comfort zone and experience extreme anxiety as you move away from the familiarity of what you have always known. On this graph it would be depicted as moving from the bottom right side of the graph to the centre of the bottom of the U curve when your reality is at its weakest.

It’s at the bottom of the U curve that you reach the inversion point between a reality where others define who you are and a reality where you define who you are. This is the absolute brink of your comfort zone where you feel most vulnerable. Experience your threshold of vulnerability and survive and you cease to experience anxiety in the future as you realise you can deal with anything.

This is the indifference threshold.

This could happen by chance from a culmination of emotional events over the course of your life or it can happen quickly if you are exposed to situations of extreme emotional stress. Things like death in the family, childbirth, near death experiences or jail time. Facing and overcoming these things serves the same purpose as a rite of passage and leaves you with no anxiety about any situations.

You are confident you can deal with anything and influence everyone else that you feel confident to deal with anything.

On your own you will only tentatively explore the anxiety inducing experiences that lie outside your comfort zone. When things get tough outside your comfort zone you will quickly retreat back to your socially conditioned comfort zone. Even if you experience or achieve things outside of your comfort zone the socially conditioned reality that has been pulled over your eyes will reject anything but the reality you have always known.

On your own you won’t know what it means to be outside of your comfort zone. You almost certainly won’t push yourself so far beyond your comfort zone that you reach the brink of it and cross the indifference threshold. An experienced coach can quickly push you to that frontier and help you confront your comfort zone when you would otherwise retract. A coach will push you to achieve something that you would have great trouble achieving on your own.

On introspection you will realise that you are actually far more ‘badass’ than you realise. It’s just your social conditioning forcefully blocking you from realising you are then man you are. It takes external approval from a credible source to verify that you can in fact let go of the socially conditioned reality and begin to define your own reality the way a man naturally does.

The verification that you survived the rite of passage is the last externally accepted influence that plays a part in defining who you are. That influence essentially gives you permission to be yourself. This is the process of bootcamp.

In modern times this would equate to you ceasing to be identified by what people impress onto you and ceasing to try to make an impression onto others. Self actualising and feeling good free of conscious or external constraints.

When you actually let go of the socially conditioned reality and accept that you have been to the frontier of your comfort zone and back you will realise that you are in fact the man you are supposed to be. You realise that your game game CAN’T NOT be a ten.

Feeling perpetually good is a muscle; the responsibility of building it and exercising it.

To make the transformation from boy to man, from having responsibility taken for you to taking responsibility for yourself, is like building a muscle. Biologically being a man is your default state, but you actually have to take action to come into your power as a man. The best way to form the muscle is via a rite of passage. The way to strengthen and retain that muscle is via congruence tests.

The identifiable stepping stones between your externally defined reality and your internally defined reality come in the form of congruence tests. Pass a test and you grow in your internal centeredness, fail a test and you regress to ‘chode ego’. That is also to say, at any time you could be taking responsibility for yourself, or letting others take responsibility for you.

When you pass a test you solidify your reality as internally defined. But between the time you are being tested you have the potential to be moving towards situations where those congruence tests arise.

Congruence tests are automatically generated by women to figure out if you are an alpha male and attractive or if you are a beta male and unattractive. Conceptually congruence tests are like a gym where you can work out. The more you move away from your comfort zone the more intense the test will become. Once you pass the most intense tests you begin to relinquish others’ influences and responsibility over you. You cross the indifference threshold and begin to form a stronger and stronger internally defined reality.

The more you internally define your reality the stronger your core confidence becomes. With this comes a good feeling. The better you define your own reality the more emotionally unreactive you are to congruence tests. Nothing takes away from you feeling good. The more you’re not reacting to others’ reality the more you assert your reality onto others. You establish higher value and women become emotionally aroused as they react to you. The less you are looking for validation from impression the more you simply express yourself and have fun. When you have fun you feel good.

Core confidence, unreactive, assertiveness and unreactiveness. Congruence with what you are which leads to fulfilment and a perpetual and influential good feeling. The best thing is, because you are internally centred there is no Achilles heel that could instantly destroy your reality. Your strength of reality and resulting feeling of fulfilment is a conceptually 100% self defined. You are perpetually high value, you influence others because they don’t influence you. You are perpetually attractive.

You always feel extremely good. No one can take that away from you. Welcome to consistency.

Only you can sabotage your self-defined reality by being lazy and regressing back to socially conditioning. A force that is constantly attacking you.

The more unreactive you are, the more assertive you are, the more core confidence you have the more value you offer the more attractive you will be. The potential of inner game is overwhelming.

In a lot of cases it is your potential that is scary, not you failure. Your potential is unchartered territory while failure is familiar comfort zone.

When you define your own reality you might not always feel euphoria but you will always have a baseline of good feelings as a function of fulfilment. Importantly, you will never feel bad. Therefore you will never be unattractive because no one can take away your natural ‘what you are’. You sense of ‘who you are’ and the temporary happiness can be taken away from you if you define yourself externally with ego.

If you never feel bad and have an egoless, natural, baseline, constant good feeling you will certainly always be a sexworthy guy. It’s from this baseline that you have a instant slip stream to the NIMBUS euphoria. Ego based nimbus is fleeting, sporadic and volatile. Self esteem based nimbus is steady, constant and internally manufactured. Ego based nimbus is like fireworks. Self esteem based nimbus is like ‘hot coals’ or a laser beam. A steady and unwavering source of congruent good feelings. The power of a self esteem based nimbus is proportionate to the influence it has on others.

For a guy who truly defines his reality achieving a nimbus feeling that is instantly very attractive to girls is as simple as going into a social situation. Having nimbus at your finger tips is the holy grail of natural game.

When you self actualise by shedding the constraints and influence of external factors you mindset changes. Instead of having a mindset where you are constantly concerned and stressed you have one that is carefree, easy-going and cool.

You are always higher value and attractive to the girls you talk to.

Your mindset stimulates your pituitary gland which regulates the hormones in your body. Because your mindset is good you body feels good automatically. Because you automatically feel good the mirror neurones in the women’s brain’s are triggered when you approach them and influence their reality. Because you feel good you influence the girl with a good feeling. You are attractive.

You realise your game CAN’T NOT be a ten. Girls won’t see you as anything less.

Whatever you feel, she feels. This is the golden rule of natural game.


Brizendene, L., 2006, “The Female Brain,” Morgan Road Books, ISBN 0-7679-2009-0

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    After reading this article, I really felt sharing what I started thinking, writing is also good therapy; and I hope others get something good out of this.

    IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN reading about a 18 year old Scandinavian guy which as got completely rid of OCD, proceed.. :D

    When a friend of me intruduced me to game, I was at the almost end process at a psycologist helping me get rid of OCD.

    What if felt like (of carse I wasnt aware of this):I felt like I had to secure everything in the reality I had back then. I was afraid of loosing contents of who I was (like the social conditioned guy). The different obsessions and compulsive actions was for the use of securing a reality that I thought was the reality I wanted. I thought: ¨In order too keep the bits and pieces of my ¨glorious¨reality in my head, I have to to several rituals¨ (of coarse, I knew this wasnt true, but my brain worked like that). It prevented me from leaving my comfort-zone, I was too affraid for getting any scars, it would ¨ruin me¨ (I hope you understand what I mean by that:D). Things like this is things I think many people do when affected by social conditioning

    For example, if I played a videogame that I liked (whith a cool characer everybody liked, having his own awesome story and features), I would always look at myself in the mirror, securing that I was related to the vid-game. Sometimes that others were not (I would maybe have a problem with others liking the same thing as me). I would maybe have the picture of another person in my head, and I had to look at myself in the mirror to make the things around me ¨me¨. I reaaly know what sinking deep is, and I don’t like that I was like this of coarse.

    What I was:
    A smart guy only caring what others thought of me. I would not realize when my friends treated me bad. I would not realize when I did something I didnt feel for in the same way as I do now. I didnt feel Nimbus at all, but of couse.. ¨I was happy¨. I accepted the ticking clock inside my head, accepting the world around me. My Ego would not tell me that I felt bad about myself. I ¨fought¨/¨OCDed¨ for getting the contitions that I thougt I wanted. I didnt reaaly know what too get out of it, BUT IT WAS THE ONLY ¨GLORIOUS¨THING THAT EXCISTED IN MY OLD MINDSET.

    I had experienced a good me, but I wasnt aware of it being the better solution for feeling good about myself.

    This maybe have to do with the big expectations everybody had to me. I’m rasied in a very wealty familiy, and most of the activities I did was decided by others (or they proposed it, and I was to naiv to stop doing it, even say that I didnt like doing it). Everybody tolk me how I was all the time, IF I WAS IN DOUBT I COULD JUST ASK OTHER NAIV PEOPLE AROUND ME, to validate the social contidioned guy I was.

    When I started ¨gaming¨, I was basically ¨out of¨ the most of my obsessions. The mindset was the biggest concern. The first things I whatched was Tyler with Foundations…. I thought I would have the mojo instantly… I didnt have any worries AT ALL after geting actualized by the DVDs.

    What didnt make me attractive was the fact me being a social conditioned guy not knowing it (of course it was more, but cutting it down), and not knowing what going out of comfort-zone ment; that is something I’ve learned later when I really felt the pressure going to nightclubs etc.

    The last 5-6 months, Ive been pushing myself all the time. When I had to do a ritual I always found a way dont caring about it, making the reality of the obsession as important as a cows shit. (What I’m practically saying to myself if I have a sick obsession in my head: ¨I was thinking something strange but I cant remember what it was… What I thougt is so way beyong that I dont stand a chanse remebering it¨, just for fun, for pushing myself and PRIROITYING THE POSITIVE MAN-EMOTIONS, what you gave me in this article was the good man-emotions I feel when I’m in state, the self-actualisation process MADE ME THINK THAT YOU REMINDED ME OF WHO I AM)

    After pushing yourself alot, you realize that pushing yourself can be a good activity itself…. :P

    What I am now:
    Dont reaaly know. The only thing I know is when I feel bad I want to do somthing about it. I’m also aware of me being a good person, I sense when I’m mean to others, and that is something I want too keep.

    What I’ve always been thinking when I started this stuff is that Natural game is putting your internal bits and pices at its right place, or maybe just get them away and trust your biological system, being aware of who you are (or at least, that is what my ¨start-thought¨has transformed into).

    This article gave me a confidence boost because it told me what I wanted to heard, and what I wouldn’t be able to understand at the same level one year ago. It helped me delete the bad validation-parts, but it also helped me being aware of going out of my comfort-zone and experience a whole new aspect of self-asteem. When Im depressed and not in state I will think of this article as a good help on the way to get better at life (there is always new aspects as we all know, but keeping peaces as this is WIN).

    Alex, you really know how to illustrate the inner game of a man, and this article basically shagged me. I’ve been in a little bad period now, and this article reminded me that those bad periods only is to be fixed for feeling even better afterwards.

    If I ever forget the small things that makes the cut for me and deletes the OChodeD again, I will read this article over once more.

    Keep on writing!!! I also hope you will be starring in a future RSD-superconference, havent seen you talking yet….



  • http://rsdnation Flannery

    Bring the truth

  • Martins

    This article is life changing if you go by it… i say your articles are great man…. thanks a lot for your effort to explain things in depth!!!

  • qedisk

    After this, nothing else can be revealed. Because this is all. 10/10

  • Caveman86

    You sick fuck.

    Your posts always come at the perfect the perfect sequenced time with my progress. I know how small the ego is; and on that note I shall compliment thee on this article.

    This is THE best article written about LIFE as a man, that I have ever read until now.

    So thank you Alexandersquiggle.

    p.s. I personally thought that if you would actually LEAVE OUT the importance of a bootcamp; it would actually allow this article to hit home without any “slight change in direction” which is the result in the actual loss of state that people get when reading that: Basically your article is so extremely well done that it gets people in state; and by mentioning that bootcamps are the ONLY way for people to trully “get it”…then it might take SLIGHT legitimacy away from the articles: since it implies the “hidden” catch to it all: that you’re trying to sell something. Your marketing is done more than enough; and this slight over-selling reminds one a bit of the more extreme “VA-approach”…

    Anyways; obviously I’m out of line when discussing that topic; but perhaps just a pointer you could think about and consider it’s relevance (which perhaps it isn’t.)

    Cheers, and fucking THANK YOU for that article.

  • Ace

    Thanks man for this blog 2years in this game and i am getting consistent thanks to discovering your blog.

  • Timtent

    amazing, epic post!

    there is so much clarifying value in this. wow!

    thanks a lot for sharing your insights!


  • gza


  • trust

    Hey man.

    Printed this out and took it home from work to read and decided to come back and leave a comment because it’s something i used to do and massively enhanced my writing, especially academically…

    be more brief and less convoluted.

    the article was unnecessarily long and very overcomplicated.

    most people think that simple communication = simple content when actually, the opposite is true.

    people overcomplicate things when they’re overcompensating for a lack of true understanding and content.

    an amazing spiritual teacher said in a talk that if somebody couldn’t explain an idea in a sentence then it isn’t a pure idea.

    it doesn’t need to be so long and complicated… and it’d be easier and better for the content if it wasn’t.

    also, you repeat yourself a lot and state things that are blatantly implied. take a look at the way Ciaran and Tyler write to see what i’m saying by that.

    i understand the way you write, university made me write the same for a while, but making it more brief and less convoluted and overcomplicated will improve your work immeasurably.

    much respect on the content and all the rest.

    peace man

  • Paperback

    That… just… clarified.. everything!

    Great stuff!

  • AdamZP

    гляди! Я ржал – – тема дня :))
    Фото на тему кризиса..
    да, и спасибо за пост) добавил в избранное

  • Thomas

    A M A Z I N G

    I’m hardcore nimbusing since reading this 3 days ago.


    After having read this article I have such a profound and clear understanding of what elf-esteem, being in the now, having state/nimbus and giving value is and how it is all totally connected.
    I feel fucking enlightened – IM NOT SHITING YOU!
    I’ve read and seen it all when it comes to pickup, psychology, mindset etc. but NEVER HAD SOMETHING SUCH AN HUGE IMPACT ON ME!


    Man some day I have to do a bootcamp with you just to meet you in person and get to know you, which is kinda lame to pay money for – but then again how often does one has the chance to meet somebody really special.

    Thank you man, it’s REALLY appreciated.
    All the Best,

  • Will

    dmmmn, it just keeps getting deeper and deeper…wow

  • Sealdan

    I believe everything I would’ve said about this post has already been addressed…

    Fantastic stuff.

  • Yerai

    Epic post. Life changing :D

    Thanks a lot Alex

    p.s. I also felt like a little state drop when I saw the bootcamp thing xD

  • dennis ecoch

    DAMN Broski

    massive value

    - dennis ecoch

  • F1ow

    Greatest article yet. This really, REALLY puts things in perspective more than anything else I’ve read from you man. MAJOR props. This is TRULY GOLDEN.


  • Sub5tance

    I’ve been following your posts for the last 9-12 months, Alex and this is the best ‘end-to-end’ description of the high level concepts yet. Couple of things:

    1. To the guy who used to have OCD (Rolf) commented … very interesting. I’ve started to realize that most people (men?) probably have some sort of compulsion/addiction, of which OCD is just one more extreme example. By this I mean anything on which they rely, to keep their ego from going down like a balloon. The obvious one is drinking alcohol. But more subtle ones are how they perceive their own looks (clothes, body building, hairstyle), canned routines, lines, even ‘love’. By that last one I mean being compulsively driven to find someone to love them (taking value) rather than loving themselves and others (giving value). Which results in serial one-itis. I don’t pretend that I don’t ‘suffer’ from two or perhaps three of these. But at least I now *recognise* it, unlike probably 80%+ of the rest of the population! Which is what’s needed, before you can start to fix it ..! So THANKS, Alex!!!!

    2. Congruence Tests. As Alex says as you get more into state some girls will test you harder, which can ultimately raise your congruence and natural state even more (working the ‘maintain the frame’ muscle), once you ‘get it’. But one thing I’ve noticed is that MEN shit test you too, as you start to work on getting your natural state back. They’ll start taking the piss or mocking you. In this case its not too see if you are the real deal, as with women. With men, its insecurity on their part. And reacting to it (or rather *un*reacting) to it is the same way to deal with it as when its from girls. Just ignore it or ‘play along’/humour them. Plow through. Its great to see an ego-driven wannabe AMOG walk off with his tail between his legs when you *refuse* to give in to his mind games :-) Its tough sometimes but sticking your head above the parapet and deflecting rocks is better than hiding behind it altogether.

    3. I have kids. Three young boys. You can **bet** I will pass some of this world-view onto them as they are growing up!!!! I wish I’d had this 20 years ago!

    Anyway, great article and its one to which I will return time and again as an overview. Thanks!

  • Jaffar


    My cliffnotes to this…

    1. What you feel everyone feels.
    2. When you’ve “made it,” then you feel how you’ve chosen to feel, rather than what reality might try to impose on you.

    Great article, really gives a picture of where self-improvement process ends up.



  • Biff

    love your stuff. keep it coming

  • Andrew S.

    Duuuuude –

    And to anyone reading…

    One of the biggest points for me was to ACCEPT a lot of these field-built tennents of Natural Game. And, yes, about a year after our bootcamp and a year of working out with this, finally, most of this knowledge has trickled down through my ego and started to work on its own momentum. Really, the biggest thing BC did was show me (reaffirm?) that there was Nimbus in me. It was up to me post-BC to do the work and keep developing it.

    This is seriously awesome writing. Looking forward to your mastermind interview.

    All the women of Denver than you for the work you’ve done giving them the men they need,


    Andrew and the Front Range Crew

  • Tork

    FUCK YA!!!

    i got so much value from this article and on top of taking a bootcamp a couple of weeks ago…wow…

    my brain is melting

    i particularly liked the graph with the right of passage and bringing yourself at ease with the world through experience/indifference

    keep it up alex…your work is amazing..

    ps. you should write a book…i’ll be the first to buy it :P

  • Henry

    Yes, we are all high value in a spiritual metaphysical way. However here on earth that is not the case. We can not all be high value, and get the best looking, smartest and coolest girls.

    That happens in the movies and on tv. Like in Superbad, McLovin scoring that hot chick at the end. That may happen in the real world, but it is the exception, not the rule.

    Back in tribal times if most of the men did successfully complete their rite of passage, and they symbolically became a man, that didn’t mean that they all got access to the most sought after girls in the tribe.

    They weren’t magically the same status or value now in the eyes of the women. Some would be taller, faster, stronger, tougher,better looking, funnier, better storytellers, better singers, better hunters, better navigators, more self sufficient etc. And it seems unlikely that if one guy was on the short end of the stick for all those traits, except that he smiled and felt good about himself, that that guy would have the devotion of the most sought after female.

    And if it did manage to happen, because this “clear no value guy to everyone else” had nimbus and thought he was the shit, wouldn’t all the other guys who had real concrete survival and replication value come along and destroy his unwarranted nimbus ass who didn’t provide anything to the tribe, so they could get the girl?

    You deserve a 10 right ? You deserve a Harvard educated Victoria Secret model. Of course you do. You’re short, out of shape,have a bland face, have a small dick, and have a low sperm count. You have a high school diploma, and maybe even went to community college, and are now working at some boring dead end blue collar job. You aren’t funny and have no musical talent singing or playing an instrument. You are totally average, but you deserve that elite girl, because you are enough.


    That sounds similar to what recently happened in America with the sub prime mortgage crisis. Too many people thought that they deserved to live in a massive house, because they deserved it. When in reality they could not afford to live in such a house. They were trying to live a lifestyle beyond their means, not just with the house, but with all types of consumers goods.

    Although you can increase your means, until you do, you have to learn to live within them.

    All of us can increase our attractiveness, but we’re not all going to be able to get Victoria Secret models.

  • Roger

    A great blog post full of an incredible number of insights. The most notable being: “In a lot of cases it is your potential that is scary, not you failure. Your potential is unchartered territory while failure is familiar comfort zone.”

    I could literally point out 20 more great insights I got from you.

    As always, your blog is awesome and I love reading it. I actually print it out so I can read it several times.

  • Katalyst

    Thank you. I’m going to read this article every time I need some motivation or when I’m not being myself to the 100% level that is expected of me.

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  • Uneek

    I love you Alex.

    When I take a bootcamp, it’s going to be from you.

    …no homo.

  • Grant Robinson

    Another Great Article,
    Some things really hit home on that one, keep em coming.

  • David™

    Alex! Question for you.

    When a girl is loving you, how do you prevent that inner chode from creeping into the picture and giving you that little 1% of hesitation or fear that might spoil everything.

    Did you ever have any problems with this? How did you personally overcome this? And how have you coached clients in overcoming that for themselves?

  • Brownflavors

    I’ll admit, this was the first RSD “product” I looked into.

    Biggest epiphany ever. Life changing. Since I read this article, I’ve had an opportunity for a threesome (I literally told both girls — andFB and a new one — and they were both down, but logistics were shit of the wall bad), I’ve been more happy, more motivated, and I have generally done better in all my social interactions.

    It truly pumped my state up to Nimbus. I have no doubt that this, in combination with the Blueprint which I am currently going through, my life will fully change. I will no longer be a socially conditioned chode walking on egg shells, I will be a respected natural. As soon as I have hammered out the time and practice to be totally unreactive, and to have surpassed the bounds of my comfort zone enough that I can blow through any congruence test, I will be ready. I am looking FORWARD to surpassing the bounds of my comfort zone and more congruence tests.

    There was only one thing I didn’t like about this article. It’s something Caveman86 mentioned. Your article is so damn good that talking about the bootcamp is over-selling. I 100% want to take a bootcamp with you, and have started saving up NOW but I found the references useless.

    Article request: can we have a full article on congruence tests and how to pass them, for those of use who are still saving up for a bootcamp?

  • ryan

    This is the best article ive ever read. Thanks a million!

  • Jenny R.

    Great blog, I like your style and will check back for updates.

  • Tim Reynolds

    Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

  • Kilo

    The value of this article is insane. Makes me think of another qoute that has inspired me much: As you think, you shall become – Pook

    I’m going to read The Female Brain now.


  • David™

    Another question for you. I’m seeing there’s not too many here, so that might be holding you off from answering on the thread (like you promised ;]) Here goes.

    Obviously there’s a high level of intelligence involved when you break down things to this degree. However, since the game is an Emotional one – what do you do with that cognitive brain strapped on top of your reptilian brain? You probably get intelligent clients that are engineers, entrepreneurs, IT guys, etc. How do you teach them to trust their instincts more than their thoughts and logic? And what do you personally do?

    Will be watching that thread like a hawk. 0_o

  • Charles Ou

    Hi alexander,

    Thanks for writing this post, it cleared me many THINGs that happened to me, also it confirme some of the thoughts I had and applied.

    I dont like some overgeneraliations, the ”whatever you feel she feels”. If you are calm, cofident , cool, collected, the girl wont feel the same. She will feel attractin, horny, idkwhat. It is a bad generalization, but it can make thinking simpler.

    About the Ego, I like the part where you show that it is possible to have strong reality if it is constantly validated, what I really disagree with is : A guy with ego will enter the set trying to project and image an will cause bad feelings on the girl.

    It is over generetic, I can elaborate on it but I know many expections to the rule, including me.

    Well, but overall great article, I am really thanfull . I think you are better than tyler.

  • Roger

    Fantastic post!

    This post nails my biggest sticking point- not feeling comfortable and transfering this to the girl. This is the great revelation I got out of my bootcamp with Tyler and Brad.

    Thanks a lot. Your blog is always great.

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  • Ренат

    НЕ в тему немного, но радует, что автор к блогу не просто тупо взял какую то тему для WP, а сделал что то свое и вкладывает в это дело душу.

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    Я совершенно случайно зашел на этот блог, но задержался тут надолго. Задержался, потому что все очень интересно. Обязательно скажу о вас всем своим друзьям.

  • SLONOWAWPLATO – now in my rss reader)))

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    epic, epic post. my brain is fried.

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    I love listening to this post.


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    damn man why dont you just write a book and publish it. that way I dont have to sit here reading this shit on the screen drying my eyes to sand…

  • someone

    i love how you RSD guys take things from eachother.
    bleh, you dont need this compliment because you have self esteem anyway right. ;-)

    i learned a lot. and the only thing i can say is that im excited to go out now instead of anxious!

    PS. made this whole thing work inside of me.. your lately outergame article did the job.. living total abandonce mannnn :D

    PS2. there should be an overall warning for everyone first to read this before even looking at “outer game”.

    PS3. “Hi, my name is someone.” while being wooo is so gold. and i laughed so hard when out of all this mind blurring ‘gamethings’ was my favorite :D:D:D

  • Occam

    Reading this once again for state before going out. So much goodness to absorb…one reading is not enough, like trying to eat a whole cow for a single meal… no way. Many meals worth here.

    Can’t wait to see this remixed into a book or dvd product.

  • David

    Hey Alex, your articles inspire LOTS of “CLICK-Epiphanies” .
    I dont think many other Self-actualization products/articles etc managed to have this effect on me.


  • chris

    Hi Alex,
    good pieca – have to finish reading later ….
    chheers, Chris

  • Luis

    Gracias my friend.. heavy man..Saludos de mexico!

  • Nick

    There are hardly enough comments about this informative and well thought article. Brilliant. Thankyou!

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  • Andrew

    I had to take breaks after each paragraph and quite often after many sentences within your paragraphs because reading them triggered countless Buddha-LOLs (from realizations). Awesome. Straight up awesome. Oh my f**k awesome. Thanks man

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