• Rodrigo

    Hey alex! Could you describe ‘arousal’ with other words?
    I’m from Brazil, and although I speak english, it isn’t my first language. I couldn’t understand the diference between them.

    Best regards

    • Rodrigo

      PS: I refer to the meaning of the word ‘arousal’

      • Dan

        Hey man, the way I understand it: arousal is just emotional arousal.

        Like Alex said it’s being stimulating, interesting, making her experience a full range of emotions from her reacting to you.

        This is a biproduct of you being high value and having her react to you (more unreactive than her), but you can also spike her emotions deliberately for your own amusement, speeding up the arousal process.

        • Rodrigo

          Thanks Dan!!

  • wafflesandsex

    Another killer vid mate!

    I love all the fresh content, helps me to remember your vibe and remember that this whole thing is no big deal. Have fun, relax, I am enough.

  • FlaiR

    Alex, well done..I’m really impressed by your stuff. I watched the natural instinct method video..took some notes and went out this week and field tested the concept of arousal. You understand MUCH more when you have in mind this way of interacting and in just one week, your insights actually increased the quality of my game. I’m glad this is all free content, this should be worth selling to be honest, you’re helping a lot of guys to become better at this. And to even put it in a formula that gives you a general idea to understand what’s going on between a man and a woman is something that helps us understand social interactions. Again, I’m pretty impressed by the results in just one week, I see a lot of stuff now that I wasn’t noticing before and I’m really happy this is free content. Keep going and greetings from Montreal! Are you coming this september at the free tour?

  • Detourxl

    nother great vid. Enjoy Vegas!

  • acoustic


  • Hoops

    Another fantastic vid. Can you continue down the path of explaining empathy? It’s phenomenally more helpful than a video like this.

  • Blake

    REally cool video!
    but how do you tell if it is on with the girl? i havee brrought back girls before after a fun night and nothing happeneed. this happens to me all the time. pull and no sex :( what am i doing wrong? should i be clearer in my intent or do i have to suddenly escaalte?
    everything else you talk about is perfect except fot this.

  • Guilherme

    Awesome video as usual Alex!

    Looking forward to the High Value in depth article..

  • Luke

    Its so important to just be yourself/normal and have fun/nteresting experiences/things that you do (whether it be sport, writing, photography etc) as well as boundries, likes and dislikes. When you naturally convey this you become arousing to be with and just having a chat will lead you to get the girl. You will notice girls then game you and you will start to make the moves or escalate themselves. The Sydney crew will tell you the word “logistics” then becomes very broad and will include lane ways, beaches, pools, toilets etc haha

  • redman

    Awesome… Been waiting for this one for a while

  • Moey

    Massive value everytime I listen or read these articles. Can’t wait for Hotseat, road trip to Melbourne :)

  • MrS

    Hi Alex.
    Can you expalin more how to develop expressing “a full range of emotions”?
    Expressing the positiv is obviuos easy. How do I devleop expressing the negativ without being to “try hard” or button pushing seeking reactions.

  • sean

    What were you doing in St. Louis? I live in STL. It’s not that bad, just stay on the Missouri side of the river.

  • Craig~

    Absolutely love it mate! So much value in this one. Your shit’s truly on another level these days

  • scooterman~

    This is really good alex.. The whole concept of ‘people only have as much power as you give them’ was the biggest ah-ha moment when I started out- its great advice for the newbie.

  • Gerald

    Love it! Can’t wait for the story mate, gunna be so hectic!

  • Andy

    I loved this video, been checkin every day for the article! (since august 19 ;))

  • Hansi

    Hi Alex!

    It’s al starting to click in my head. To be honest it took me awhile to understand, but it’s a coming together. Really looking forward to the blog/video about the full range of emotions. Also Julien told me you’ll be the one doing the bootcamp in Amsterdam instead of Julien. Aweseom! Really looking forward to that!

  • Mat

    Great content – you’re clear – give multiple examples – and go into detail to ensure that someone will understand your message – If I was just a newbie at all this stuff I would be pleased to learn from you and only you – but alas – I’m sure people have to try multiple methods and many different theories until they find something that works for them. I just hope that people wake up and realise that you have distilled this stuff down to the atomic level. Knowing this information makes life that much easier – thanks for putting the content out there. Cheers, Mat.

  • Paul

    Holy shit it is so simple. This is the first time your A = HV + E has sunk in for me.

    I have developed my HV over the years so I get initial attraction but it has then only been a matter of time before the interaction completely flat lines. Boring myself and the girl. and no sex not even inspiration to pash.


  • chris

    mate your recent vids just get better and better

  • Paul

    Hey Thanks so much Alex !!!

    Coming from a nice guy frame, It is great to find out that being a challenging dick is also being nice because that is what the girl wants and this is what being playfull and fun is.

    I’ve been around RSD for 5 years. The first 6 months I went friggin hard and had many fun nights providing I bounced from set to set. If I stayed in set too long or went on a date the girls would soon find out how boring I am. And this has been absolutely killing me …..

    I just didn’t get and no one could explain what being playfull and fun is.

    This video has absolutely cracked it for me. Looking forward to your examples. I finally have something to practice that will get me some awsome results. Seriously my last root was some fatty at vegas 2010 summit. That’s how bad it has been. But no worries, I have two really nice and sexy girls that are still warm in my phone list. I still have time to turn it around, they were on their way to being bored away as usuall.

    Thanks Massively !!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0uKpawARwo Socialkenny the black Cassanova

    Hey Alex, I’m not quite sure if you got my other comment on this post. Perhaps it went to spam for some reason.

    Anyway, decent video bro! You and Julien are rockstars!