• J Dilla R.I.P.

    Bonus video was dope man, it was really helpful to me, thanks

  • Logan

    Have you ever considered making your own product mate :)
    Also im in India i have never let it stop me in my game and im moving forward and all of you have helped ma a lot so thank you and keep it up :D

    • Alexander~ RSD

      yep! Hotseat is coming in November, and then a product next year!


  • Achilles~

    from what i have learnt on alexattitude and doing some tweaking, im getting some pretty good results. And also getting a good understanding on why its happening. its awesome, loving it!

    getting some insanely solid points across.
    Seriously, mind still gets blown.

    the attraction series is incredible mate, looking forward to the next one!

  • Matt Cook

    I had to pause this video about 5 times to mutter “this is so awesome” to myself and take it all in.

    This new take on attraction helps with reinforce the mindset that you don’t need to DO anything, that you are enough. Mindsets are desirable, but great reasons like those in this video are needed (combined with reference experiences) to truly internalize them.

    Info came at a good time for me, because I was wanting to know more about how girls actually felt when they were interacting with me, and this definitely covered the attraction phase. Will be very helpful to be able to express more empathy. In the pass I would just hash out lines that I’ve heard Alex say, without actually knowing how the girl feels – now I have a much richer understanding.

    Alex keeps pressing the 4 times idea. I’m not really rigid on the number… but simply “staying in set” has been a HUGE breakthrough for me. When the set goes quite my thoughts might be “it’s gone dull, but no worries, there’s no reason why I’m not enough, there’s just a dip and things will be back on in a moment, no need to leave, stay in set” and sure enough things pick up, I or they think of something to say etc. Thanks heaps for that mindset!

  • melbz_sux_ballz

    Awesome articulation…delivered the concepts in an easy to understand format..

  • Acousticninja

    Nice work!

  • jojo

    When is the 2011 video coming out alex?

    • Alexander~ RSD

      october i think… whats more important now is the hotseat!

  • Silvers

    In the article you touch on the categorization girls make very early on as to ‘not my type’ or ‘has potential’. It would seem this is pretty important, is it something you are planning to write more on?

  • Luke

    So many valid points. I’m in europe at the moment and staying in hostels. So many times I will get the girl on the second night (as well as my far share of one nighters) once trust has been established and she’s experienced the full personality. Everything you need is inside you, It just needs to come out !

    • Alexander~ RSD

      like semen! good mate good!


  • Mike M

    Good reading while absolutely shagged on the 8am Tallinn – Helsinki ferry. Nice points to touch on

  • Creme Fraiche

    Hey Alex Buddy,

    Can’t wait for you to interview me on a video blog. I got my waffle on tonight.

  • Pete

    I would love to learn more about hostel game.

    Last time I really failed, but my game outside of the hostel environment is good. Going on a trip soon, would love some input on what to do. (I suck at dating too and mainly do one night stands… That might have to do with it too…)


  • http://www.inboundseo.com.au James P

    Great stuff man!

  • Craig~

    Good mate! Tear Vegas apart for us ;)

  • Gerald

    Mate, love this shit! I’ll admit, quite a few “EUREKA!” moments really strung in me during this article/video.


  • scooterman~

    ahhh nice guy.

    cool vids man.

    Have fun in europe ya cunt.

  • Moey

    These articles and insights are pure gold

  • Daniel

    Sweet article as always, see you in Vegas to rip shit apart

  • Mat

    Such great content mate. You’re really getting it out there. Always look forward to reading and watching new stuff.

    Cheers, Mat.

  • Chris

    Awesome post, Alex.

  • Scott

    Love it. It’s almost like cruise control for attraction.

    After a long period of ‘hitting it up’ and feeling like a juggling act it’s refreshing to just sit back and watch the interaction unfold and the attraction build right in front of you.

  • redman

    Good shit mate… Love it

  • jimbo

    fuck this sean dude looks like a cool cunt! can’t wait to meet him in vegas!!

  • Ryan

    Good stuff mate, it’s always a good read with you. Come back to Perth again ASAP

  • http://kennyspuathoughts.wordpress.com/ Socialkenny PUA

    Why all the emphasis on the abstract. Would be better if it was more straight forward opposed to having to wreck our brains on the equation-like approach.

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  • http://ruxman.com Ruxman

    Well beta males don’t have zero options, they have 1, and that is the one girl they deign for.