The Golden Rule of Natural Game; Immaculate state, Rites of Passage and the Nimbus.

The golden rule of natural game is: “whatever you feel, she feels.” Welcome to the natural game article that is the basis of everything you do in your socio-emotional life. It is important to note the golden rule of natural game is at the root of everything in natural game and not a tactic that you can ‘deploy or implement’. The golden rule of natural game is deeper than that. It’s not a move or a routine, it a deep core phenomenon that will govern whether anything you say will ‘work’. The golden rule is...
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Update From World Summit 2012! Woo!!!!

Hey guys, Just dropping in for a short one form LAS VEGAS RSD world Summit 2012. Pictures speak a lot louder than words.. so ill leave you with a couple of the images from the summit! I'm off to Bulgaria for holidays tonight where I'll be continually updating you with the action and adventures form the Professional grade Holidays!
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